Tween Sessions


 It’s hard to grow up in this world.

Having six kiddos has been the best way to open my eyes to the uniqueness of each child and how capturing each of their little details freezes specific moments for us to look back on and shows them just how much they are treasured.  

It’s hard to grow up in this world. And it's been especially hard the past few years. I believe anything we as parents/ grandparents can do to make our kids know “I am loved and I matter just as I am”  is so very important to do.

 Let's celebrate their journey - so they know they are enough... just as they are.

Taking time with each child I photograph is imperative. This time not only ensures that they have true expressions in their photos but so they can feel as special as they are.

We can start by discussing some basic details about your child/ tween and what their hobbies and interests are so I can plan a personalized session to capture all their unique details for you. Whether it's sports, music, cooking, swimming, or something all their own - I would love to create an image of positivity, so when they are having a tough day, they will see it on their wall and remember how great they are.

Very soon your kiddo will be a full-blown teenager and everything changes. Their hair, their attitude, the way they dress, posing a certain way, and even the way they hang out with their parents' changes.

But before all of that starts to happen - let's celebrate their journey - so they know they are enough just as they are!